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Pre-Order Policy

The MOON UltraLight product is arriving soon but currently is not yet available to ship. You can purchase it as a pre-order, and the product will ship on or before the date indicated at the time of purchase. Certain factors may cause a delay in shipment, and in this instant, you will be notified and can decide to either keep or cancel your pre-order. Depending on the region you make your purchase in, you will either be charged $1.00 or 1 unit of the local currency. Authorization at checkout or the full payment amount will be charged at checkout. If you are charged the $1.00 or 1 unit of domestic currency authorization, you will be charged the remaining balance when your pre-order ships.  To cancel before shipping, contact support@moonultra.com. If you cancel your pre-ordered or your credit card fails at the time of shipment, you will lose your priority position established when you made your pre-order purchase. For a full copy of our sales terms and conditions, please check out moonultra.com/terms-of-use.